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About Citizen Advocacy Australia

The Citizen Advocacy Trust of Australia is an ancillary trust governed by its trustee company, Citizen Advocacy Australia. The Trust (ABN 96 919 255 756) has DGR status, and Citizen Advocacy Australia (ACN 114 532 839) has tax exemption. Citizen Advocacy Australia is registered with ASIC, ACNC and the Australian Tax Office. 
The mission of the Citizen Advocacy Trust of Australia is to provide a source of independent funding to Citizen Advocacy organisations throughout Australia, thus avoiding any potential conflict of interest from other sources which would affect the potency of a citizen advocacy relationship
The role of a Citizen Advocacy office is to identify people with disabilities whose wellbeing is at risk and 'match' them with a carefully identified person of good character from the community, to act as their 'citizen advocate’. The citizen advocate defends that person’s wellbeing by becoming their mentor, spokesperson, friend. These 'matches' are facilitated and supported by the Citizen Advocacy office to be effective, long-term, and even life-long. Some matches have been in existence for more than 20 years, are ongoing, life-changing, and in some cases, life-saving.


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