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About Capital Nordic Walking Community Outreach

Capital Nordic Walking teaches people to Nordic Walk.

Walking with Nordic Fitness Walking Poles is a low-impact, total-body exercise that is proven to be far more effective than walking without Fitness Walking Poles, running and cycling. It provides a full body workout, improves posture and significantly reduces strain on ankles, knees, hips and lower back. The rhythmical nature of the movement and being outdoors has mood enhancing effects, is social and can be enjoyed with others.

It’s suitable for all ages, and fitness levels, and is convenient, safe and inexpensive. For people with balance and mobility challenges Nordic Walking allows them to move more easily, safely and to go further.

Capital Nordic Walking is committed to providing ongoing support to people after they have completed their Nordic Walking Proficiency course to support their efforts to remain active and healthy.

Our Community Outreach Program supports people with mobility and health challenges who don’t feel comfortable walking on their own. We teach and support people with painful arthritic joints, diabetes, people with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, older people who have poor balance and have lost their strength and confidence in walking. Nordic Walking enables them to move safely and easily, often with a lot less pain, while going faster and much further.

What keeps these people moving is our Nordic Walking Community Outreach program. It’s a vibrant and diverse group of walkers supported by a wonderful network of trained volunteers. We coordinate free supported group Walks every week, where Nordic Walkers of all ages and fitness levels get together for a “talking, walking workout” – finishing up with a coffee

It’s being connected with others that makes this fantastic Community Outreach program such a success


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