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Abortion Grief Australia (AGA) is the only organization in Australia committed to addressing the issue of abortion trauma in a manner that recognizes the seriousness and the magnitude of the problem. Founded in 19841 by Registered Nurse Dawn Dureau, AGA is a not for profit organization providing specialized care and advocacy for those experiencing abortion grief and pregnancy crisis.
Since 1990, AGA has run a National Crisis Line which is utilized equally as much for pregnancy crisis as abortion grief. A fifth of the crisis calls are from men. Further, a significant number of callers are from health professionals who are unable to access information on abortion trauma through their own peer sources. From its inception, AGA has focused on professional development. Evaluations from presentations across Australia, at public/private hospitals, community health and welfare centres, universities and to professional non-health associations, consistently indicate our work is most welcomed by those with direct patient contact.


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