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SOUL Soup Patrol

Rockingham, WA Homeless

About SOUL Soup Patrol

There are three branches within S.O.U.L. Incorporated. We mostly require volunteers for the soup run, but we do sometimes require volunteers for the other areas. Below is a brief description of each branch.
Soul Soup Patrol. A mobile soup run that goes out twice a week to several stops in the Rockingham area and distributes food and necessities to the homeless and needy.
Soul Care. Takes in homeless, pregnant women and helps them with their pregnancies and empowers them to live independent lives once they move on.
Soul Inc. Shop. A charity shop that sells repurposed furniture and other unique items. The purpose of this shop is to fund the other areas of SOUL Incorporated so that we can be more self-sufficient.


Unit 1/5 Cessnock Way
Rockingham WA 6168

Local VRC: Rockingham Volunteer Centre