Multicultural Women's Sewing Group

Brunswick, VIC Arts & Culture

About Multicultural Women's Sewing Group

The Multicultural Women’s Sewing Group (MWSG) was created in 1996 by a group of Somali women who had identified the need for a women only space where they could learn to sew. Since then, the group has welcomed women of all backgrounds, abilities, cultures and faiths to take part in there now twice weekly classes. The group prides itself on being a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment that is strongly rooted within the local community.

Volunteering with MWSG would be ideal for women who:

Are passionate about sewing, crafting or knitting.

Are interested in learning about different cultural, languages and experiences.

Enjoy being part of a long standing community based organisation.

Are passionate about issues affecting women.


Brunswick VIC 3056

Local VRC: GoVolunteer