Stopping Family Violence

Perth, WA Community Services

About Stopping Family Violence

Stopping Family Violence (SFV) is a growing West Australian not for profit organisation tasked with progressing the agenda of perpetrator response and growing the evidence base that supports this work.

The purpose of the organisation is to work in partnership with women and children’s services, policy makers and researchers to provide leadership in the area of family and domestic violence perpetrator response. Through collaborations with key stakeholders SFV facilitates activities such as advocacy, workforce development, research and program development.
Stopping Family Violence has been created as an independent body in WA to work with program providers, government, victim and children’s services, and research and training bodies around perpetrator response and intervention.

In order to remain independent SFV does not engage in service delivery that puts it in direct competition with members of the network. Instead SFV focuses its efforts on developing the skills, knowledge and evidence base of the sector through research and pilot activities.

Stopping Family Violence is proud to be working in partnership with Curtin University School of Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology and the Women’s Council of WA to help us deliver on our purpose.


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