Accelerated Evolution - The Break Inc.

St Kilda East, VIC Community Services

About Accelerated Evolution - The Break Inc.

We are a start up charity who needs help getting established. We have a very experienced cohort of staff awaiting funding to commence with us. We focus on supporting people experiencing mental health issues, addictions and family violence. We are setting up a day program in East St Kilda and a residential rehab in Gippsland. We will be the fun rehab with most of our work done outside of the facilities in psycho-social rehabilitation and a very eclectic program in our facilities (e.g., yoga, massage, TCM, tai chi, psychology, nutrition, education, career counselling, etc).

This will be a new generation model of rehab which is fun for all involved. We wish to foster inclusiveness and not separation.


St Kilda East VIC 3183

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