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About Carbon Out

Global efforts to use clean energy instead of fossil fuels is important work, but it is not the whole story; simply lowering carbon emissions won't solve the problem. If greenhouse gas concentrations were frozen at current levels, the earth would continue to warm for decades, if not centuries. There is already too much carbon in the atmosphere, and we need to take the carbon out.

Algae has a phenomenal capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. It does so by capturing CO2 as bicarbonate in ponds. For every gram of algal biomass produced, it absorbs nearly 2 grams of CO2. Carbon Out will purchase algae to treat malnutrition and raise funds to research the possibility of feeding it to the krill, which would replenish our fish stocks. As we require carbon dioxide to grow algae, we can contribute to reducing atmospheric concentrations of CO2.

Have you always worried about the effects of Global Warming, but have never been sure what you could do about it? By helping in whatever ways you can, you are giving us the means to achieve our goals and help heal our planet. We are also open to suggestions of what you would like to do to spread the word.


11 Fiddlewood Street
Victoria Point QLD 4165

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