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Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre

Telopea, NSW Community Services
Ph: 0296844250

About Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre

Dundas Area Neighbourhood Centre is located in the socially disadvantaged area of Telopea in the district of Parammatta. Our Centre is undergoing changes to comply with the Family and Community Services “Targeted Earlier Intervention Strategy” which aims to provide long lasting improvements in the lives of disadvantaged children, their families and their Communities.

We need volunteers at all levels to help with this including Board Members, Administrators, Newletter Writers, Fundraisers, Program Helpers and Cleaners to help our centre carry out the changes effectively. We also need volunteers to help maintain our older groups who were built up as part our Community Builders Program.


21 Sturt Street
Telopea NSW 2117

[email protected]

Local VRC: GoVolunteer