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The Queensland Living History Federation (QLHF) is an organisation that formed in 1997 to represent the interests of Living History and Re-enactor groups in Queensland. Living History is a hobby combining elements of archaeology, research, arts, crafts, martial skill (at times) and of course, fun. It can also be a three-dimensional history lesson which is entertaining as well as educational; combining the art form of dramatic performance and the discipline of historic research, it is not a medium which accepts the mythology of the past. Membership of QLHF is based on high standards of safety, authenticity, research and performance. The QLHF is run by a small team of dedicated volunteers who share a passion for history and discovery.

Our annual Event, History Alive: A Journey Through Time showcases our member Group's unique skill sets. History Alive is a unique timeline event with re-enactment and living history groups from the Roman Legions through to the Vietnam War Era. The performance arenas host medieval tournaments, military displays, jousting, Napoleonic Cavalry, Viking battles and much more. All Visitors are welcome to explore the living history encampments where you’ll see knights and ladies next to Roman legionaries, and WW2 soldiers alongside Napoleon’s men. A wide range of other historically themed activities and displays are provided by local and regional history groups including a Victorian era Puppet Theatre, learn how to fence Renaissance style or Dance like our Colonial ancestors did!


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