Light and Love Home

West Ryde, NSW Community Services

About Light and Love Home

Light and Love Home is a NFP organisation with an international network of branches. We are dedicated to serving both communities we live in as well as globally. We bring together dedicated people who share a passion for volunteering. We believe in investing into the holistic growth of your members. That is why, besides community giving, we hold personal and professional development trainings as well as social gatherings.

Light and Love Home Sydney is the local affiliation in Australia, running annual events and activities that give back and cater to the needs of the local community. In Sydney, we run activities such as sport classes, english classes, youth clubs and kids clubs. We also run a variety of events for special occasions such as Mother's and Father's days events, as well as fun fairs. Join us today to love your neighbours locally and globally!


17 Deakin Street
West Ryde NSW 2114

Local VRC: GoVolunteer