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Prepare Produce Provide is made up of a group of people passionate about food education, youth, and providing support to students planning on entering career pathways in the food and hospitality industries. The founding members of the not for profit are home economics teachers who have developed four different programs connected to food, education and relevant industry partners. 5000Meals provides opportunities for high school students to prepare food from food rescue or foodbank which then becomes available to disadvantaged individuals. Kartagup Djinda Ngardak is a program for Aboriginal home economic students. The program brings together annually a group of Aboriginal students from rural and remote regions, to participate in a week of activities in Perth. The students attend cooking masterclasses and other workshops which will expand their skills and understanding of food and hospitality career pathways. It also focuses on youth leadership. Prepare Produce Provide also runs professional development workshops for home economic teachers and other interested members of the food industry or the public. Over each school year a range of workshops focusing on cooking, or the food industry are run. These workshops are an important aspect of engaging teachers and industry professionals in maintaining up to date skills, training on new trends and directions within the food industry.


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