Worldview Foundation

About Worldview Foundation

Worldview Foundation is an exciting new Charity in Canberra which has National expansion plans. Our purpose is to relieve poverty and distress by advancing the welfare of people and the community. We do this through holistic programs which include health, nutrition, wellbeing, education, employment, accommodation and cultural connection. Our social enterprise creates employment in viable not for profit businesses and uses the funds to empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our programs are innovative and volunteers can expect to be involved in meaningful and exciting work across a diverse range of areas. Volunteers are fully covered by insurance and will receive a glowing reference at the completion of the agreed term if outcomes are achieved. There is also potential for employment where appropriate. We are a Canberra registered organisation and most work will be undertaken in Canberra however we also have our main facility currently in Queanbeyan West just over the border.


51 Bayldon Road
Queanbeyan West NSW 2620

Local VRC: VolunteeringACT