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About Cheeditha Aboriginal Corporation

Art making in Roebourne originated with members of the Cheeditha community. In 2002 the Bujee Nhoor-Pu project was set up in the historic Galbraith Store at Cossack, supporting the production and sales of artworks. The success of the Bujee Nhoor-Pu project spread to the broader community of Roebourne and these founding artists formed several other independent art groups, reflecting the cultural diversity of the Roebourne area.
The revitalised Cheeditha Art Group carries on the commitment of those early artists and many of those practicing today are relatives of those founders. Over half of each sale goes directly to the artist with the balance going to Cheeditha Art Group to support new projects and build the livelihoods of residents.


North West Coastal Highway
Roebourne WA 6718

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