YWCA Victoria

South Melbourne, VIC Community Services

About YWCA Victoria

YWCA Victoria is an organisation improving the lives of women by ending inequality.

YWCA Victoria provides community services to women facing disadvantage and advocates for systemic change around women’s equality focusing on housing, mentoring and community strengthening. The organisation is one of the largest medium to long term housing providers for women in Victoria, offering over 100,000 nights of shelter to disadvantaged Victorians through a number of properties in partnership with the Department of Human Services (Office of Housing). YWCA Victoria delivers community strengthening and mentoring programs within school and community settings with a focus on empowerment, pre-employment training, creative expression and positive peer relationships. It operates over 6 sites across Victoria. YWCA Victoria is a membership organisation and is committed to providing opportunities through its a student leadership program and volunteering activities.


Level 1/210 Kings Way
South Melbourne VIC 3205

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