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Our service is delivered by a highly-committed workforce of over 400 volunteers (we call them ‘Networkers’) who operate in courts across Victoria and Queensland. They are professionally trained to provide the service in a non-judgemental and non-partisan way through committing one day per week to support people who come to court on that day (court-users).

Our Mission is about improving access to justice for all court users. We recognise the extent to which court processes can result in people feeling anxious, distressed and disempowered. Networkers help to build the confidence of court users, and to get the information and support they need to get through their day in court.

Court Networkers must be:

Client focused: They prioritise the needs of court users
Inclusive: They recognise the rights of others, they are committed to social justice and social inclusion
Collaborative: They work with others to achieve common goals
Ethical: They reflect expected standards of behaviour and observe the Code of Conduct
Culturally aware: They respect difference in all its forms, value diversity as a strength and positively utilise diversity
Positive: They have faith in own abilities, they are optimistic, they remain calm and focused when faced with difficulty


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