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Injury Matters leads the way in preventing injury and supporting recovery. This is through our three programs: Stay on Your Feet, Road Trauma Support WA and Know Injury.

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Vision, Mission and Values?

In 1992 a small group of passionate Western Australians who believed that injuries were preventable, came together to form the Injury Control Council of WA. The aim from the very beginning was to help the WA community live long and healthy lives, free from injury.

We grew slowly at first, and advocated for a number of injury control policy measures that were later implemented by government, including forming major groups such as the Road Safety Council. We undertook projects and programs in falls and drowning prevention, the use and promotion of speed cameras, and the development of a road safety strategy for WA.

In 2001 we began coordinating the Stay On Your FeetĀ® program, and soon after launched our peer education program was launched, with 35 volunteers recruited to deliver the program throughout metropolitan Perth.

Other programs we coordinated included WA Community Alcohol Network (WACAN), the Community Violence Among Young People Research Project, Understanding and Building Resilience in the South West, and the WA Older Driver Case Control Study. All these projects were carried out in addition to our ongoing role in raising awareness of injury prevention, providing professional development and strengthening connections between groups working in health and injury prevention areas.


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Local VRC: Peel Volunteer Resource Centre Inc.