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About Paws for A Purpose

Paws for A Purpose are a brand-new game-changing social enterprise charity!
Our head office is in the Sunshine Coast in Qld, but we operate nationally.

Here's a bit more about what we do...

Pets are a vitally important part of people’s lives. But for many disadvantaged people, caring for their pet is a daily struggle and we believe everyone should to be able to care for their pet. People who need the most help just to have pets include those living on or below the poverty line, the homeless, the elderly, people with social disadvantage, sickness, incapacity, and the disabled.

If you are a pet-lover, you might have wondered:
'Who helps people who are homeless or incapacitated to look after their pets?'
Or 'who helps people who are disadvantaged to not be separated from their pets?'.
Or 'who are working on solving the big issues (like diseases that kill pets in disadvantaged areas)?'

This is where we want to help.

Pets bring meaning to people’s lives, as well as unconditional love and support, yet the people who need this the most are often those who struggle to keep or care for their pets. Their pets are also at greater risk of pet diseases or facing other issues that we strive to address.

Paws for A Purpose is a registered Australian charity with the sole purpose of helping pets and people in need. The charity is also a social enterprise, servicing the community with projects designed to help pets & people. And, as a social enterprise, the charity sells quality pet products that both raise money for the organisation, and raise awareness of the issues they are striving to improve.

Paws for A Purpose aims to help teach, to understand, to bring people together, and use the power of the bond that pet ownership and pet-love brings, to help address issues in society relating to pets and people.

We need your help, so we can grow as a hugely successful world-changing charity organisation!


4 Teal Street
Peregian Beach QLD 4573

[email protected]

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