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Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre (Kaarakin)

Martin, WA Environment & Conservation
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About Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre (Kaarakin)

Goals Of The Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre:
* Run the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation Centre.
* Rescue - Rehabilitate and Release injured Black Cockatoos.
* Preserve Black Cockatoo's natural environment.
* Raise awareness of Black Cockatoo's threat.
* Co-ordinate approach to Black Cockatoos.
* Provide an education and learning centre for the study of Black Cockatoos.
* Provide a research facility in all aspects of Black Cockatoos.
* Raise money and property for the preservation of Black Cockatoos.
* Establish strategic partnerships with stakeholders.
* Work with the Black Cockatoo Environment Committee.
* Work with the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Education & learning Committee.
* Work with the Kaarakin Native Flora Group.
* Other activities as nominated by the board.
* Work in partnership with other like minded rehabilitators.
The Australian Threatened Species Centre and Wildlife Australia Inc also operate from the Kaarakin Centre.


322 Mills Road East
Martin WA 6110

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