Hope Community Services/Drug ARM WA

About Hope Community Services/Drug ARM WA

In the South West 'Hope Community Services' is one of the main service providers during Leavers Week. It's a Christian not-for-profit organisation offering support and a sobering up facility to young people in Dunsborough who are at risk as a result of consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or other drugs.

The Youth Options Program is workshop based and offers young clients the opportunity to take part in a variety of projects such as car maintenance, wood working and other vital skills that contribute to their self esteem and aspirations for a better life.

Hope Community Services also offers accommodation for these young people at Moorditj House. Also there is a Time Out Centre which provides a safe place for young people to sober-up. This service is crucial to the community.

A Residential Rehabilitation Centre operates in Geraldton. This is a challenging program in every respect – one that adopts a broad and supportive approach to addiction and substance abuse. Many of the clients there are filled with courage as they step closer to rejoining the community with renewed confidence. The transitional home provides a further 13 weeks of accommodation that enables the people to assimilate back into the community.


1St Floor, 56 Fourth Rd, PO Box 165
Armadale WA 6112

Local VRC: Busselton Dunsborough Volunteer Centre