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The role of the Central Geelong Marketing Committee is to market and promote Central Geelong in a coordinated and integrated manner aimed at enhancing its economic and social viability and its general amenity, making it an exciting and vibrant focus for the whole of the Geelong region.

The Central Geelong Marketing Committee will be considered by Council and other stakeholders as the peak body representing the traders and property owners in the Central Geelong area.
The Committee will pursue and initiate activities aimed at:
- Increasing the number of visitors to Central Geelong.
- Promoting business activities in Central Geelong.
- Providing opportunities for the businesses and organisations in Central Geelong to network, exchange information and work in a cooperative fashion.
- To provide the businesses in the City with a central marketing focus.
- To improve Stakeholders Perceptions of Central Geelong.
- To establish an ongoing viable Marketing Program for Central Geelong.


PO Box 104
Geelong VIC 3220

Local VRC: Volunteering Geelong