Fusion Poatina

Poatina, TAS Community Services

About Fusion Poatina

Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation that has operated in Australia for over fifty years. It operates from 18 centres across Australia and in 14 other countries.

Fusion's vision is "Bringing Young People and their Communities Together with Hope."

Fusion's values are Justice, Mercy, Compassion, Respect and Industry.

While it began its work among youth, the importance of a healthy and caring community to nurture each new generation has led Fusion into extensive community work in Australia and beyond. Fusion’s services focus on community building and helping people find a sense of belonging and purpose.

Community Building

It is our belief that providing an individual with meaning and community enables them to become resilient and better able to cope with the crises that life brings. Our services seek to build community and purpose.

Within its various programs Fusion works to provide appropriate life models and situations in which young people develop independent life skills and trust relationships as well as a sense of being significant and cared-for individuals. Fusion is also a Registered Training Organisation.

Poatina Village - "living life to the full"

The village of Poatina, 45 minutes from Launceston in Tasmania was bought by Fusion in 1995. Poatina is a community of people that live to bring life to each other and those spending time among us, particularly the young and vulnerable. Residents aspire to be a community of hope, bringing a vibrant culture and inspiring spirituality through a range of avenues including hospitality, creativity, sustainability, training and personal development.


Gordon Street
Poatina TAS 7302

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