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About Devoted Australian Youth Inc.

Devoted Australian Youth Inc. (DAY Inc.)

DAY Inc is currently working towards innovative ways of creating and managing student-led projects across Australia and overseas whilst connecting young professionals and creating work opportunities. At the heart of the organisation lies the idea of providing passionate and enthusiastic individuals with projects that will enable them to apply their academic knowledge into practice and develop transferrable skills.

We often come across numerous devoted individuals who possess the willingness to change our world for the better. Seeing such energy and passion exhibited by them inspires us to continue and expand our mission. Therefore, at DAY Inc creating new opportunities and finding ways to cultivate hidden talent is of paramount importance to us.
You can think of DAY Inc as a platform where creativity and passion is transformed into concrete results palpable benefits to both participants and society.


7 Bridge Road
Hornsby NSW 2077

[email protected]

Local VRC: GoVolunteer