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Prahran, VIC Migrant Support
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About MiCare (New Hope Foundation)

MiCare is a merger between DutchCare and the New Hope Foundation. We endeavour to grow while maintaining our commitment to our existing communities. Our core business is the provision of services to migrants and their families and friends. MiCare increases our ability to provide people with what they need.

Trust: We believe in the mutual expectation of acceptance, respect and fair treatment.
Empowerment: We will provide each other with the means and knowledge to make our own decisions.
Flexibility: We accept the need for change to adapt to different conditions and circumstances as they occur.
Harmony: We encourage staff, migrants and family to work together to build meaningful relationships.
Empathy: We recognise the power of understanding, and imaginatively stepping into another person’s shoes; we acknowledge their feelings towards an object or person and in doing so share their happiness or sadness.

Support the journey of a migrant throughout their life.

To enable migrants to have comfortable, enjoyable, dignified and meaningful lives.

Enabling you to live in your world, providing services that suit your culture, spirituality and language.


40 Grattan Street
Prahran VIC 3181

Local VRC: GoVolunteer