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About Friends of Lagoon Creek Group Inc

Friends of Lagoon Creek Group is a passionate conservation organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of Lagoon Creek catchment, located in Caboolture. 
With a strong focus on creating community commitment to environmental stewardship, this group works to enhance the biodiversity and ecological health of the local area.


Our mission is to be actively engaging the local community in conservation efforts and actively seek community involvement. We strive to create a sustainable future by promoting the restoration of its ecosystems, advocating for responsible land management practices, and raising awareness about the importance of protecting our natural resources. Through our dedicated team Friends of Lagoon Creek Group undertakes a wide range of conservation initiatives.


These efforts include:


Habitat Restoration: We organize regular clean-up events and tree planting activities to restore the natural habitats along the creek. By removing invasive species and reintroducing native plants, we aim to improve the biodiversity and provide a healthier ecosystem for the local flora and fauna.


Community Engagement: Friends of Lagoon Creek Group believes in the power of community involvement. We organize educational workshops, nature walks, and community forums to engage and educate residents, schools, and businesses about the importance of environmental conservation. We also collaborate with other local organizations, government bodies, and experts to maximize our impact and build a network.

Funded Conservation Projects:

These projects may include habitat restoration, tree planting initiatives, or wildlife conservation programs. Through careful conservation project management, Friends of Lagoon Creek ensures that every dollar raised contributes to tangible outcomes and long-term ecological benefits.



Networking with Other Organisations:

Friends of Lagoon Creek recognizes the power of collaboration and networking to achieve their conservation goals. The group actively engages with other like-minded organizations, such as environmental nonprofits, community groups, and government agencies, to foster partnerships and expand their influence. By joining forces with these organizations, Friends of Lagoon Creek can access additional resources to make a difference in our community and to spread awareness about conservation matters.


1 Toovey street
Caboolture QLD 4510

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