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Rossmore, NSW Emergency Response

About Search Dogs Sydney Incorporated

Search Dogs Sydney Inc is a distinguished team equipped with expertly trained canines adept at locating both living and deceased individuals. Our specialized services extend to various scenarios, including wilderness search operations, natural or man-made disasters, as well as single or mass casualty events. Comprised of qualified Search Technicians partnered with highly skilled canines, our team operates around the clock, ensuring readiness for any mission.

In addition to our canine search capabilities, Search Dogs Sydney Inc utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance our search and rescue operations. Our drone teams provide aerial reconnaissance and surveillance, enabling us to cover large areas more efficiently and access hard-to-reach locations. This integration of advanced technology with our expertly trained canines allows us to offer comprehensive search and rescue solutions tailored to the unique needs of each mission.


Ramsay Road
Rossmore NSW 2557

[email protected]

Local VRC: GoVolunteer