RIMERN(Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network)

Brunswick East, VIC Community Services

About RIMERN(Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network)

RIMERN is a Rotary multi-club Community Service project that opened it's doors in June 2021 and that collects furniture, appliances and homewares to give to clients of welfare agencies who are being assisted into secure housing following homelessness, domestic violence, refugee displacement, incarceration and other situations of hardship. All our labour is volunteer, Rotarians and community members, helping in a range of ways, both at our warehouse and remotely. We call RIMERN the 'home of residential recycling' because not only are we fitting out homes for people in need but we are saving tons of perfectly good homewares from landfill.


32-34 Lincoln Street, East Brunswick 3157
Brunswick East VIC 3057

Local VRC: GoVolunteer