International Needs Australia (INA)

Vermont, VIC Disaster Relief

About International Needs Australia (INA)

International Needs Australia (INA) is a DFAT-accredited international aid and development organisation. INA’s vision is for a just world where all people are treated equally to reach their God-given potential. INA is committed to building innovative partnerships for community well-being and empowering women and children in their work. INA works in Asia (Nepal, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines) & Eastern Africa (Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana) with local, innovative partners focusing on three key areas: Health, Education, Livelihoods.

INA’s income comes from general donations from committed individual donors, schools, business, trusts and foundations, as well as (a small amount - 20%) from government grants through Australia-NGO Cooperation Agreement (ANCP).

International Needs Australia (INA) is facing a key opportunity to continue making a significant and positive difference to partners and communities to pursue its mission of “building innovative partnerships for community wellbeing and empowering women and children”. Central to achieving this will be an International Programs Strategy and the Marketing and Communications Strategy that focus on what makes INA distinctive as an international development agency. The foundation of this is effective governance and management of financial and human resources.


196 Rooks Road
Vermont VIC 3133

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