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About Get 2 Know

Get 2 Know LTD is a charity organisation committed to provide services to support Health, Education, Social and Public welfare in the community.
We are trying to help and contribute to community by:

Arranging opportunities for people with a physical or mental disability to interact with other people and have the same life experiences as people who do not have a physical or mental disability.

Providing advice on nutrition and exercise for people who suffer from, or who are at risk of suffering from, a lifestyle disease.

Referring people, who are suffering from lifestyle diseases to appropriate medical professionals for treatment, if necessary.

Undertaking research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and/or management of illnesses and publishing the results of that research;

Providing activities and programs to enhance the educational experiences of the children and young persons;

Advance education and relieve poverty by providing scholarships for young people who are from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to study


55 / 75-83 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW 2152
Northmead NSW 2152

Local VRC: GoVolunteer