ID: 94500

Office Assistant

Environment & Conservation Long Term Warana, QLD

About this opportunity

Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast Branch, does many things. For each thing that we do, we have a list of contacts, and their emails etc, and these are continually being added to. They just need to be merged, to keep everything in the one place on a computer. It would entail someone coming to my office, and just wading through folders, pulling out papers, and for instance: Getting all the emails that people have written down, when they have come to do a beach clean up, and making that into a data base, then adding it to a large data base. Easy work, just need to keep checking with me, what goes where, so it all ends up neat!
May also need to be able to do facebook promo and some media work.

Additional requirements

Happy person, easy to work with, accurate with data entry, and who does not talk all day and get nothing done!! Lunch and tea or coffee supplied, and after a while, if the person works well, I am happy to provide a Cert of Service for them. Mature people would be great. Dont want a bossy person, just someone easy going who loves the ocean, and realises the problems we are facing, and intend to overcome.

Time Required

During the day, for as long as you could spare, flexible. I am a shift worker, so can juggle that with your times :) 2 or 3 hours a week would be fine, and if there were a few people, that would be fine, a couple of hours each.:) I have a second computer to work on.

Good for
  • Centrelink Approved
  • Skilled Volunteer
  • Travelling/short term volunteers
  • Volunteers with a disability
  • Work Experience
  • Youth/school volunteers (age 14-18)
Interested in
  • Administration, Office Management
  • Marketing, Media, Communications
  • Writing and Editing

On the job


Lunch and cups of tea!