ID: 88227

Engineer Mentors for skilled migrants

Mentoring & Advocacy Long Term Bondi Junction, NSW

About this opportunity

Mentoring is a collaborative engagement based on agreed expectations and goals. The mentoring relationship gives people the opportunity to share their professional and personal skills and experiences in a mutually supportive environment. The City East Mentor Program aims to support skilled work-ready migrants who are seeking employment in their area of expertise. Program participants will be matched with volunteer mentors from the community who will use their knowledge and experience of the Australian workplace to support and empower mentees in their search for work. Mentors will focus on the individual needs of their mentee to assist them in making informed decisions and achieving their employment goals. The aim is for this to be a positive learning experience which is mutually beneficial to both the mentor and mentee.

Additional requirements

. Listen objectively and act as an open-minded sounding board to the mentee's ideas and goals
• Share information and give guidance through practical help and role modelling
• Recognise potential; challenge and inspire
• Provide support, encouragement and constructive feedback
• Maintain confidentiality and be aware of and respect cultural differences

Time Required

Mentors and mentees will have contact once per week or fortnight for a minimum of 6 months. The type of contact may vary from face-to-face; email or phone. Face-to-face meetings will take place in mutually agreed public locations

Good for
  • Skilled Volunteer
Interested in
  • Education and Training
  • Tutoring and Mentoring

No specific training required. Resources and support will be given by the Mentor co-ordinator.


The only expenses will be travel. No reimbursement