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Volunteer with Men/Women Program

Drug & Alcohol Support Long Term Norton Summit, SA

About this opportunity

We are a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. We also cater for people with other life controlling problems. Our program is a 12 month live-in program and we rely a lot on volunteers. We are also a Christian program and we have studies based on Christian studies, values and ethics.

This is a varied program:
Volunteers are needed to work with students for either a short time during the day perhaps taking them to appointments, either doctors, lawyers, etc.
~They may like to assist teachers for around about five hours a day.
~They may like to mentor students or help with cleaning, looking after some animals or take them for walks or drive them to a park or to the museum.
~Then we have overnight sleep overs (this is a 24/7 residential program and volunteers sleep over with our students just in case there is a problem overnight [(men live separately to women)].

We feed you any time you are here and usually you enjoy your time with us and the students. We also train you and you have support.

This is a Christian organisation and our teaching and training is based on biblical values. The students who come to this program want to change and usually try hard.

Additional requirements

Driver's Licence (C) . National Police Certificate *.

Passion for those wanting to learn to turn from their old life to a new life without old addictions and habits. Love and understanding. A Christian background or an understanding and openness to the Christian faith.

Please Note: As each organisation provides different levels/types of insurance, volunteers are reminded to check with the organisation as to the type of insurance provided for volunteers (e.g. Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance)

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

varied and discussed at interview

Interested in
  • Companionship and Social Support

Training provided


For petrol if taking to appointments. A 12 seater bus is provided to those approved to drive it.