ID: 72206

Friend to Older People

Seniors Long Term Brighton, SA

About this opportunity

The Community Visitors Scheme is targeted to older people who:
• do not have regular and reasonably frequent positive and engaged contact with friends or relatives
• feel isolated or lonely, or are at risk of being socially isolated, and would benefit from a volunteer's friendship and companionship,
• whose frailty and mobility or communication impairments may hinder them from participating in social or leisure opportunities.

Volunteers are linked with older person in one of 5 facilities serviced by St Jude's CVS, and visit weekly (preferably), or fortnightly for up to an hour. The Scheme is highly flexible, and makes allowance for holidays, illness, unexpected work or family commitments etc.

Volunteers have access to a Coordinator to facilitate introductions and assist with any issues that may arise. Reasonable travel expenses incurred by volunteers during the course of their visits are reimbursed by CVS.

Additional requirements

Driver's Licence (C) . National Police Certificate *.

The CVS welcomes volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those who:
• are able comfortably to chat with, and relate to older people.

Please Note: As each organisation provides different levels/types of insurance, volunteers are reminded to check with the organisation as to the type of insurance provided for volunteers (e.g. Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance)

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
Time Required

Negotiable. Flexible.

Interested in
  • Aged Care
  • Companionship and Social Support

Introduction and orientation is provided. Some relevant training is being developed.


Travel reimbursement is provided quarterly.